Scientific Program

Almost all talks are pre-recorded talks, and may be viewed off line at any time.

The “live” part of the scientific program are discussion and Q&A sessions held each day of the workshop 13:00-15:00 PST.

The theme of each session, and the corresponding invited talks are listed below. For the detail of all the contributed talks, please refer to .

Nov 30 (Mon): FFA School and Status Talks

  • Georg Hoffstaetter: CBETA commissioning and relation to the EIC

Dec 01 (Tue): FFA Facilities & Applications

  • TianJue Zhang: China Institute of Atomic Energy 2GeV, 6MW isochronous FFA proposal and project status
  • Yoshiharu Mori: Review on Internal Targets uses in particle accelerators
  • Shinji Machida: Vertical Excursion FFA for ISIS Upgrade
  • J.B. Lagrange: Comparison of FFA and hybrid FFA-FODO lattices for nuSTORM

Dec 02 (Wed): FFA Beam Dynamics

  • Lucy Martin: Experimental Investigation of Accelerator Beam Dynamics with a Linear Paul Trap

Dec 03 (Thu): FFA Design

  • Dejan Trbojevic: Energy Recovery Linac-based Future Circular Collider-ee

Dec 04 (Fri): FFA Technology & Workshop Closeout

  • Chihiro Ohmori: Review of Magnetic Alloy Cores for RF Resonant Cavity

This session features summaries of topics and issues emerging from the FFA design Q&A and discussion sessions. Topics to be confirmed.

  • Vertical excursion FFAs
  • FFA arc for multi-pass ERL